How to cut a new release:

Update version

  • Run bumpversion with major, minor or patch to bump the version in setup.cfg and src/ Note that this is CalVer.

  • If scancode output data format is changed, increment manually the major, minor or patch to bump the version in src/ Note that this is SemVer.

Tag and publish

  • Update the CHANGELOG.rst

  • Commit these changes and push changes to develop:

    • git commit -m "commit message"

    • git push --set-upstream origin develop

  • Merge develop branch in master and tag the release.

    • git checkout master

    • git merge develop

    • git tag -a v1.6.1 -m "Release v1.6.1"

    • git push --set-upstream origin master

    • git push --set-upstream origin v1.6.1

  • Draft a new release in GitHub, using the previous release blurb as a base. Highlight new and noteworthy changes from the CHANGELOG.rst.

Create Release on GitHub

  • Run etc/release/ locally.

  • Upload the release archives created in the dist/ directory to the GitHub release page.

  • Save the release as a draft. Use the previous release notes to create notes in the same style. Ensure that the link to third-party source code is present.

  • test the downloads.

  • publish the release on GitHub

Upload wheels to pypi and Test

  • then build and publish the released wheel on Pypi. For this you need your own Pypi credentials (and get authorized to publish Pypi release: ask @pombredanne) and you need to have the twine package installed and configured.

    • Build a .whl and source distribution with python release

    • Run twine with twine upload dist/

    • Once uploaded check the published release at

    • Then create a new fresh local virtualenv and test the wheel installation with: pip install scancode-toolkit[full]