Dwarf Plugin

This plugin allows users to collect source code path/name from compilation units found in ELF DWARFs.


This plugin will only work with non-stripped ELFs with debug symbols.

Using the Plugin

User needs to use the --dwarf option.

The following command will collect all the dwarf references found in non-stripped ELFs:

$ scancode --dwarf /path/to/codebase/ --json-pp ~/path/to/scan-output.json

Example Output

Here is an sample output:

  "path": "project/stripped.ELF",
  "type": "file",
  "dwarf_source_path": [],
  "scan_errors": []
  "path": "project/non-stripped.ELF",
  "type": "file",
  "dwarf_source_path": ['/tmp/test.c],
  "scan_errors": []