How To Add a New License for Detection

How to add a new license for detection?

To add new license, you first need to select a new and unique license key (mit and gpl-2.0 are some of the existing license keys). All licenses are stored as plain text files in the src/licensedcode/data/licenses directory using their key as base for the file name(s).

You need to create a pair of files:

  • a file with the text of the license saved in a plain text file named key.LICENSE

  • a small text data file (in YAML format) named key.yml that contains license information such as:

    key: my-license
    name: My License

The key name can contain only these symbols:

  • lowercase letters from a to z,

  • numbers from 0 to 9,and

  • dash - and . period signs. No spaces.

Save these two files in the src/licensedcode/data/licenses/ directory.


See the src/licensedcode/data/licenses/ directory for many examples.