License Policy Plugin

This plugin allows the user to apply policy details to a scancode scan, depending on which licenses are detected in a particular file. If a license specified in the Policy file is detected by scancode, this plugin will apply that policy information to the Resource as a new attribute: license_policy.

Policy File Specification

The Policy file is a YAML (.yml) document with the following structure:

-   license_key: mit
    label: Approved License
    color_code: '#00800'
    icon: icon-ok-circle
-   license_key: agpl-3.0
    label: Approved License
    color_code: '#008000'
    icon: icon-ok-circle
-   license_key: broadcom-commercial
    label: Restricted License
    color_code: '#FFcc33'
    icon: icon-warning-sign

The only required key is license_key, which represents the ScanCode license key to match against the detected licenses in the scan results.

In the above example, a descriptive label is added along with a color code and CSS id name for potential visual display.

Using the Plugin

To apply License Policies during a ScanCode scan, specify the --license-policy option.

For example, use the following command to run a File Info and License scan on /path/to/codebase/, using a License Policy file found at ~/path/to/policy-file.yml:

$ scancode -clipeu /path/to/codebase/ --license-policy ~/path/to/policy-file.yml --json-pp

Example Output

Here is an example of the ScanCode output after running --license-policy:

 "path": "samples/zlib/deflate.c",
 "type": "file",
 "detected_license_expression": "zlib",
 "detected_license_expression_spdx": "Zlib",
 "license_detections": [
     "license-expression": "zlib",
 "license_policy": {
   "license_key": "zlib",
   "label": "Approved License",
   "color_code": "#00800",
   "icon": "icon-ok-circle"
 "scan_errors": []