How to cut a new release

Update version

  • Bump version to update major, minor or patch version in setup.cfg setup-mini.cfg and src/ Note that this is SemVer, though we used CalVer previously, we have switched back to SemVer.

  • If scancode output data format is changed, increment manually the major, minor or patch version to bump the version in src/ Note that this is SemVer.

See our :ref:versioning for more details.

Tag and publish

  • Changes for a release should also be pushed to a branch and a Pull Request should be created for it, for review.

  • Update the CHANGELOG.rst with detailed documentation of updates and API/CLI option changes, or any significant changes.

  • Commit these changes and push changes to develop (here we use an example tag v1.6.1):

    • git commit -s

    • git push --set-upstream origin release-prep-v1.6.1

  • Merge this release-prep-v1.6.1 branch in develop after review approval and tag the release:

    • git tag -a v1.6.1 -m "Release v1.6.1"

    • git push --set-upstream origin release-prep-v1.6.1

    • git push --set-upstream origin v1.6.1

Automated Release Process

  • We have an automated release script triggered by a pushed tag, where jobs run to:

    • Build pypi wheels and sdist archives

    • Build app release archives for linux/mac/windows

    • This happens for all supported python versions

    • Test these wheels and app archives in linux/mac/windows for all supported versions of python

    • Create a GitHub release (draft by default) with all wheels, sdists and app archives (for all os/python combinations)

    • Upload sdists and wheels (all python versions) and publish a release (This won’t be a stable release for beta/release-candidate tags)

  • Populate the draft GitHub release by clicking the Generate Release Notes button and this pre-populates the release notes with PRs and contributors.

  • Add more details to the release notes talking about the key features and changes in the release.

  • Publish the release on GitHub (Note the Set as a pre-release vs Set as the latest release checkboxes)

  • Announce in public channels and chats about the release

  • Do test the release archives yourself.